Top 5 Reasons Why Surfers Should Travel With Surfers

travel surfers

​5. AdventureSurfers live life to the fullest! They get up before the crack of dawn so they can catch the best waves. There will always be something you to do. Your next date as distant as the closest beach is – you’ll get to hang out with bae, often. 4. GrowthPartners who surf help each other… Continue Reading →

How long will it take me to Learn how to Surf


How long it will take you to learn depends on so many factors. How often you surf, your fitness level, and where you surf are the main ones. It also has a lotto do with your level of persistence, motivation and patience. You will take so many beatings, which will initially drastically exceed your gratifying moments…. Continue Reading →

Choose Your Own Surf Adventure. Your destination


​We surfers travel the world searching for waves, we go to the end of the earth. we love to carry out our surfboards with us and fly. we care about big waves and that bring us the most fun.During our holidayS we meet great surfers from different countries, our mission is onlyadventure and ride good… Continue Reading →

5 Yoga Poses Every Surfer Needs To Learn

​Yoga is more than just a great way to get fit; it actually boosts your surfing game, and has the equivalent effect as a getting a massage. Surfers can really benefit from yoga, as it lengthens your muscles and helps you unwind all those knots, as your muscles contract constantly while you are out in the… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Have More Fun Surfing in a Crowd

surf crowd

​Even on a crowded day, how much joy you feel your choice completely. Should you decide to focus on the negative, that is precisely you are going to feel when you’re surfing. Savor every aspect and sensation of the ride.​2.Once Upon a Time You were a Beginner, too…And you most likely go under the skin… Continue Reading →